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Game rules

Welcome to Mindblock!
Most of the things in this page are explained during the tutorial levels in-game, but if you aren't able to play it here's a tutorial.
This is you :

You're a ball. You can roll around and jump on blocks :

You have the power to push and pull blocks when next to them by grabbing them and moving :

You can even push multiple blocks in a single move!

Your goal is to reach the end, marked by the victory block :

When you pull a block but there's nothing directly below you, you will stay tethered to the block you just pulled. This allows you to rotate around that block to look for a safe spot.

If you're not careful you can drop down into the void. Don't do it.

Now let's focus on the blocks :

There is a simple rule to understand what is happening here : a block will float if there is a block below that has a connected edge.

Note that it doesn't work with a corner, it has to be an edge :

Don't let a block fall on you or you'll be crushed and lose instantly!

Block types

The normal block : You can roll on it, push it, pull it, it won't do anything special. That's why it's called normal.
The victory block : Roll on it and you'll escape the level. You can't push or pull them, but they can still fall down if no edge is connected to them. Getting crushed by a falling victory block is the ultimate humiliation.
The heavy block : It's heavy, takes longer to move and uses 2 moves to push/pull. It's only an obstacle when you're aiming for high scores.
The fixed block : You can't push or pull it, but it can still fall. It's like a victory block, minus the victory part.
The weak block : You can roll on it only twice before it crumbles. It only reacts to you and can support the weight of other blocks.

The hot and cold blocks : When you roll on one of them, a bar indicating your temperature will appear at the top of the screen. If it reaches either end, you'll burn/freeze to death. Rolling on any other block will slowly reset your temperature to normal.
The teleporter block : It teleports you. Thankfully, if you press the grab key while next to it, it will display its destination. You can actually move the teleporter, and it will move the destination with it.
The text block : Roll on it and a window will appear, with text on it. It is only used during tutorials.
The floating block : This block is only interesting to mapmakers : it is the only block able to float without any kind of support. It cannot be moved by the player, so it's useful to support structures without using too many blocks.

Unlocking levels

LockedUnlockedDoneCompleted (Par)

The main game is divided into chapters. To unlock the next chapter, you must complete every non-bonus level in the chapter.
When you select a level, you can see your best score and its Par value. In normal levels it is the number of moves that the player must match or beat to fully beat it. It's usually the minimum number of moves to beat the level, but it is sometimes possible to beat this number.

If you manage to get Par on all the normal levels of a chapter, you unlock the bonus levels.

Bonus levels have a built-in time limit : the level is falling apart, and you have to race against it before falling into the void. You get the ability to slow down time to give yourself time to think, represented by a blue bar in the bottom left. You can see your progress versus the falling level with the bar on the left of the screen. Don't worry if you can't beat them, they are not necessary for advancing in the main game.